Let’s put bravery where it belongs!

Bravery is there when we climb mountains or swim to the depths of the ocean. Its there when a baby takes its first step, or a child waves good bye on the school bus for the first day. Its there when we stand up to a bully, or leave an abusive relationship. Its there when we ask our crush out on a date, or lean in for the first kiss. Its there when we jump out of airplanes and walk across volcanoes. Its there when a Paramedic pulls up to a crash not knowing what horrific things they will see. Its there when a Fire Fighter rescues a person from a burning house. Its there when a Police Officer pulls their gun and knows that they may need to fire it. Its there when a Dispatcher answers a call not knowing what they will hear on the other line. Its there when someone tells themselves they can make it through the next chemotherapy treatment, or when a person is put to sleep before their open-heart surgery. Its there when Soldiers crawl through the trenches and when protestors stand up for human rights. Bravery is when the fighter enters the ring.

For me, bravery is there when I fight depression, and get out of bed every day. Its there when I drive past the LCBO and get a coffee instead. Its there when I fight the urge to sleep all day, or the urge to self-medicate my reality. Its there when I accepted the help I was offered, and walked into ‘save my life school’. Its there when I pick myself back up when I stumble, and when I trust my friends. Its there when I focus on making sure my anxiety doesn’t turn into a panic attack, but forgiving myself if it does.

Bravery is all of those things to me and more… but the bravery it did take to post my first blog shouldn’t have needed to be there. We shouldn’t need bravery to talk about mental health illnesses…this belief is killing us. Let’s save bravery for the challenges in our lives and the actual fight! xo