Hi Everyone,

I just got off the phone with Natalie, and she was in very good spirits today.  I have read her EVERY SINGLE message that has been sent.  She LOVED them and was humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude.  Your continued support means everything to her – and to Ian and I.  So, thank you for the messages!!!

She wanted you all to be updated … so, I will endeavor to keep you all posted!  Yesterday morning was a rough one for her emotionally.  She called me in tears and couldn’t believe she had landed herself back in the hospital.  She felt like she let everyone down, but mostly herself.  She talked about how proud she was of the progress she was making, and felt sad that the anxiety and depression ‘won again’.  She was moved yesterday from the mental health ward of emerg, to 3NC.  She said she has two amazing nurses on duty today that have been so kind and helpful, and she loves that!  We had to talk about some ‘behind the scenes’ stuff so we can keep her life running while she’s in the hospital.  Ian and I have divided tasks and each have our list of things to do … lol.  SO many people have offered to help in any way they can …. again, the kindness and support is so overwhelming.  As I type this, one of her co-workers is over at her house helping to close her pool.  THANK YOU!!  And, that’s only one example.  There’s no news about Homewood yet, but the push to get her there is in the works.  Until then, she’s safe and doing ….better.