I’ve sat in front of my computer for over two hours trying to find the right words to put into this blog. “Natalie, you’re overthinking this again.” AB tells me from the edge of my bed. I know she’s right… but how do I express the spectrum of emotions I’ve felt over the last 4 days? Are there words in the english language that exist to accomplish such a feat? Well, I’ve decided that for tonight, in my still foggy state that the best thing I can say is simple and sweet…THANK YOU.

For the love and support you have all given to me and my family…THANK YOU

For your compassion and understanding in my time of remorse…THANK YOU

For sharing your time and attention during your busy days…THANK YOU

For every single text, message, phone call and prayer… THANK YOU

For believing in me…THANK YOU

I love you all! Every single one of you. XO