Ok so this is a very special post letting everyone know how horrible it was for me to not thank Adam’s dad (Jon) in the gratitude blog last night! Have you ever had a best friend that you forgot to say happy birthday to (poor example, but it’s the best I can come up with) and you figure they wouldn’t mind because you think they would just know you want them to have a happy birthday? Well that’s sort of what happened last night. I took for granted that I thought Jon would just know how much I appreciate him and everything he does for Adam and I. He definitely deserved to be mentioned, especially when I thanked David Beckham and Walter my dog 😦 (Ugh I hate when I screw these things up.) Anyway…

I need to tell you about the best father any kid could have! Jon is loving and kind and has ALWAYS been there for me and Adam even after we broke up about 5 years ago. We have ALWAYS remained friends and that’s something I’ve never taken for granted! People admire our relationship…we don’t argue, we sharing everything to do with parenting Adam 50/50, and I NEVER have a doubt how much he loves his son.

Since I’ve been sick Jon has used up all his vacation to drive Adam everywhere. Now that I am off work and bringing home significantly less money, he has been paying for everything for Adam (minus a hotdog Halloween costume I made…because I insisted I wanted to do that.) Jon NEVER hassles me about anything…he cares for me because I’m Adam’s mom and knows I would do the exact same thing for him if heaven forbid he is ever off work.

Jon knows all about my mental health illnesses and he has ALWAYS stood behind me supporting me in any way he can. He has never made me feel bad for my recent horrible choices, in fact he’s been a person I could call to remind myself that I’m still an amazing mom, but I’m sick and I need to get better.

Jon, Adam and I are SO LUCKY to have you. I hope that even without me writing in a blog, you know that in your heart. I didn’t mean to forget you, I guess I figured you just knew I was saying thank you for everything you do from MY heart.