I wish you’d see, but never feel,

This illness dark, to some not real.

I wish you’d know, it hurts to breathe,

My lungs collapse, when comfort leaves.

I wish you’d cast my scars away,

Repair the marks I formed each day.

I wish that answers existed near,

To rid my soul of unfound fear.

I wish each tear was never there,

They drown my courage left to care.

I wish I’m brave enough to smile,

Sustain down heartache’s endless mile.

I wish you’d camouflage each sting,

The blackness seems to always bring.

I wish I knew I’d be ok,

Believe tomorrow’s another day.

But I can wish with all my might,

It won’t discount this ceaseless fight.

This wish will sail up to the sky,

With all the rest who’ve said good-bye.

I’ll wish tomorrow, just for hope,

Or conjure up some way to cope.

Through darkness black, I’ll make my way,

Exist again another day.

I wish…


girl holding head