This morning was like any other morning…I had no idea what the day would have in-store for me. At first it was a regular day. It started with AB and I shoveling her driveway while I told her neighbour he was a douche; he has the worst driveway shoveling etiquette I’ve ever seen! And this was all in the first hour of waking up. Totally normal. (PS. I had AB’s seal of approval to knock on his door with an ice-pick in my hand…that sounds horrible…anywhoo…). Then after having pretty much the best cozy warm post-shoveling nap ever, Ian called me to let me know that Homewood had called. Eeek! I called them back and learned that my file had been approved and it was just a waiting game as to when I would get a bed! Great news, but everything seems to be another “2-4 weeks” lately, and I had been feeling pretty antsy the last couple days now that ‘save my life school’ is weaning me from their program.

Then after AB got ready for the day she told me she had a surprise for me. I LOVE surprises! She asked me if I knew the date today? I said yes and that it was November 19th. She nodded then turned her head to the side as if to say, “Yes, that’s right Meatball…but what else?” I was stumped. “Today has been one month since your last overdose and we need to go out and celebrate your progress!” I was so excited! She continued on to say, “And we still haven’t officially celebrated your acceptance into the Master’s program at UBC so we need to do that too!” I was pumped!


So after I got ready we hopped in the car and made our way to the mall. “I have $75 set aside for you to use on YOU!” AB excitedly said. (It may sound silly to be excited about 75 bucks, but it’s a big deal when you’re on short term disability. Why does AB have my money? I’ve asked to take care of my finances when I’m away because she is amazing with budgeting, and after my last overdose, she got an early start on it – Thank you AB!). “Ok awesome!” I replied while clapping my hands like a kid in the candy store. “I don’t know what to buy, but will love looking around anyways!” I hadn’t been to the mall in what felt like forever! And I do love a good trip to the mall.

The first course of business was to get a Starbucks, (nice!) Then I tried some awesome clothes on at H&M. But while I was trying on a beautiful jacket, my tattoo artist called to tell me he had some time available if I wanted some work done on my sleeve.  Again, a totally normal thing to have happen 😉  What perfect timing! He could fit me in at 18:00. SWEET! I don’t need another jacket…my $75 had a new home!

Getting work done on my tattoo is still very emotional for me. As I’ve said before, each piece represents a life changing event I’ve experienced. Not only do I think the art of it is beautiful, the whole tattoo perfectly reflects my journey so far; life, death, beauty, demons…and hope.

My daughter Caroline kept me company while I got probably the most painful part of my tattoo done so far (under my arm) and she even shared her deep fried pickles with me! Thanks Loon 😉

All-in-all it was a pretty kick ass day! So I’m off to bed…wait, I think I’m forgetting something…what was it again? Hmmmmm…. Oh right!

I’M GOING TO HOMEWOOD ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_7790This is one excited girl! AB snapped this pic just as I got the amazing news from Homewood on the way to the mall. On to the next chapter guys! I’m feeling very grateful! XO