imageI don’t know where this blog went last night …but, I’m posting it again …cause AB needs to have it to read whenever she wants! xo

Dear AB,

Get a kleenex, this one’s going to be a doozie! 😉 WHAT A JOURNEY! Before ‘all of this’, I knew we were best friends, I knew we loved each other to the ends of the earth, and I knew we would do anything for each other…but the level of love and friendship you have shown me over the past few months is simply nothing short of amazing!

We have the kind of friendship that is completely grounded by trust. And for me and my huge trust issues, I’ve always needed it that way! You tell me what you feel in your heart, whether I like it or not, because you know I need to hear it. For example, when I asked, “AB, can I use some of my savings to get my tattoo done?” when the only real money I had was $1.20 in a paper napkin, you would give me the, “are you sure that’s a good choice?” look, and I would get over my disappointment quickly because you somehow always know what’s best. Damn it. You see through me like glass! When I say, ‘Oh yes of course I washed the dishes with dish soap rather than hand soap”, I know I’m not fooling you. 😉

Thank you for sharing your home with me! I already miss so many things. Sigh… I miss yelling good night to each other multiple times down the hall. I noticed you always needed the last one! I was on to your games 😉  I miss Maygver’s face, and how he slept in his ‘nest’ beside me. I miss how you never cared if I used a placemat, and that you learned to deal with the water glass I always left beside the tap. I miss our hours of chats and our ‘Once Upon a Time’. I miss me doing your psychic readings, and teaching you what a macaroon is. I miss borrowing your hairdryer every morning, and showing you what the broiler in your oven does. I miss sitting at the table eating ‘luck charms’ and laughing about boys until our stomachs hurt. I miss begging for Imovane, and how you were always so excited to read my blog. I miss yelling at your douche-ball neighbour and your genuine concern as to whether or not I was constipated. I miss washing your dishes with hand soap (even though it drove you crazy) and driving to ‘save my life school’ almost every morning. I miss having to move your cream soda out of the way to get the milk and learning that I fit into your bras. God, I was excited about that! LOL. I miss my bag of clothes on the spare room floor and most of all I miss you yelling at me to put pants on!  ❤ And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You saved my life AB. How is anyone suppose to put that amount of gratitude into words? You put your comfort ahead of mine while I’m sure silently cursing my quirks while I lived with you. We have big plans you and I….and you just wait, we will achieve them! Birchwood bliss 🙂

If I could scream THANK YOU at the top of a mountain I would! I love you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!! And I would do ANYTHING for you too! ❤ This blog just isn’t enough!…I hope by the time we are 80 years old and arguing over who’s petunias are better, I would have hopefully come close to showing you. And I especially hope by then that you will start using placemats XO


PS I will see you at 06:30 tomorrow!