Hi Everyone,

This isn’t an easy post for me to write, but I have been doing some serious thinking, and some intense work with my doctors and have decided that I need to step away from my blog…indefinitely.

I have been learning the hard way here at HU that I still care for others more than I care for myself. I can’t even say that caring is my second nature…it’s my first! Caring is a trait I will always have running through my veins, but focus on helping others is impacting the time I should be focusing on myself. I’m so use to helping and I enjoy it, so this won’t be a snap of my fingers easy thing to do. But it’s so unbelievably necessary. I hope you know how much I love you ALL! I hope that through my words you can feel how much I grew to trust you all. I shared some of my deepest darkest secrets with you, and you allowed me to open up when I had been silent for all my life. I will always be grateful for that! Thank you for every email and message telling me how my journey has helped yours. That will be something I will never forget and I will always be honoured in the trust you placed in me.

Take this time to take care of YOU as well. Get selfish and strong. We deserve it SO MUCH! I will still be journalling on my own so I won’t loose my writing therapy, but for now it’s just for my eyes to see.

Of all the words I’ve written to date, if there were two I could leave off with to show you how I feel in my heart and soul, they are simply and complexly……………………………..thank you!

~Nat xo