Do you believe that you possess natural wisdom? And if so, how much do you believe in your natural wisdom’s ability to make the best choices for you? How often do you ignore this wisdom and say ‘maybe’, when you want to say ‘no’? And do you take time to reflect on your experiences in order to stop repeating negative, unwise actions? Or have you convinced yourself that you just can’t change? Just a short year ago I would have said that I had zero confidence in my natural wisdom. If you asked me to rhyme off a textbook version of the renin-angiotensin aldosterone system…not a problem! Ya Ya…boring I know. But when it came to my gut feelings, they were routinely ignored while I made great strides to please everyone else but myself. I was completely focused on my faults, rather than my extraordinary potential…now where is the wisdom in that?

When we think we ‘are’ something, whether that’s ‘a jealous person’, or ‘a stupid person’, or ‘a person not worthy of love’, we get stuck in that personal image…sometimes for a lifetime. Abandoning these delusions may not happen over night, but I can tell you from experience that when you begin to remove the label you have assigned for yourself, and breathe, say ‘no’ when you need to, find what you like to do, and start to take responsibility for your personal inventory, you will nurture your natural wisdom, and from that you will naturally learn how to love. Yes, that’s right…I said naturally.

I didn’t come to this ‘natural wisdom’ realization all on my own. I have a year’s worth of beautiful, loving souls who have carried limitless faith in me to thank for this. People who taught me that love can’t be destroyed, and that there is nothing that love can’t heal. People who waited patiently for me to discover that the enemy was hiding inside of me all along, and that focusing on blaming others would only prolong my pain. With their loving patience and teachings I finally came to see that anger only looks at things from one point of view, and that in order to heal I needed to let go of anger, and finally allow myself to experience inner-peace. They cultivated my natural wisdom with patience, while I grew into ME.

Over the next few blogs I am going to take some time to acknowledge and recount some of the precious natural wisdom shared with me by loved ones and friends over the past year. Like I said, I definitely didn’t get to this awareness of my natural wisdom alone! And now it’s time for you to meet some more of my wise, kindred souls.