I have two pieces of great news!
The first piece is that I have recently had the honour of discussing my Peer Support Group model with Syd Gravel, a retired Staff Sergeant of the Ottawa Police Service, author of ’56 Seconds’, and co-founder of the peer support program, ‘Robin’s Blue Circle’, which is a peer group that has been used for over 28 years by the Ottawa Police, and have discovered that our peer group models possess all of the same values and goals, and I will be working with him over the next little while to learn about his program in detail and how to bring it to more communities including Barrie, Ontario.
I was put in touch with him by my friend Bill Rusk, the Executive Director of The Badge of Life Canada, and look forward to collaborating with both of these amazing gentlemen, in order to gain the most information possible about successful peer programs which are available independent of those which an employer may offer.
The second piece of great news is that in all of two days, the Peer Focus Group I posted a call out for has successfully been attained! I look forward to working with these amazing professionals as we get one step closer to bringing even more community support to the first responders, military members, communications officers and healthcare providers, who protect and care for Canadians every day!
For those of you who are still interested in helping out with the development and implementation of this group, please continue to email me at natalie8816@hotmail.com
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!
Through non-stigmatized fellowship and education, it is my mission to encourage a new outlook where the need to be comfortable with uncomfortable, no longer exists. ~Paramedic Nat
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