First of its kind in Canada! I am so excited to participate in the development and delivery of this program through Simon Fraser University. This part-time, online program is designed to help first responders mitigate the impact of traumatic events in their own lives and offer support to their colleagues.

The founder and executive director of the Tema Conter Memorial Trust and the Heroes are Human initiative, Vince Savoia, has called the suicide rate among first responders a national crisis. There is a clear need for services and education that will support those who help others.

The program begins in fall 2016. Topics you’ll study include the following:
-Crisis intervention and communication
-Mental-health intervention
-Grief, loss and change
-Personal resilience
-Inclusivity and cultural awareness
-Physiological responses to trauma
-Addictions, organizational culture and stressors
-Suicide awareness and intervention

Stay tuned for more information!