The Supporting Ontario’s First Responders Act. A day we have been fighting for has finally arrived! 
How can I put into words the emotions of this day? I will use a phrase: “Bittersweet gratitude and hope; finally!” 

First of all, I want to take a moment remember every life we as first responders have lost before this landmark day. I want to pay respect to every tear which has fallen from a loved one’s eyes. I want to let every peer who is not feeling the overwhelming emotion of happiness that this day should bring because they are still battling their darkness, know that we are far from done! We are just beginning! I’m with you…I have been in that darkness too.
Secondly, thank you to every single person who has contributed to the collective voice that was so desperately needed to make today happen! You are all so amazing in my eyes! 
MPP Cheri DiNovo, Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi, Shannon Bertrand, Geoff Macbride Vince Savoia, YesYes Jill, Shaun Taylor, Wade MacPherson, Jeffrey Bilyk, Syd Gravel, Marcel Martel, Caroline Margaret Richards, Darryl Wilton, Rob Theriault, Annik Lagassé, Annette Hunter, Richard Renta, Elizabeth Donnelly, Derek Stephenson, Gordon Perolli, Erin Alvarez, Katherine N Hambleton, Jodi Anne Earle, Dan Paterson, Kenneth E Smith, Corey Nageleisen, Dave Wakely, Laura Rimmer, Councillor Arif Khan, John Brassard, Bill Rusk, Brad McKay, Chief Mike Nolan, Norm Traversy, Gary Rubie, Mike van Mil, Rob Ichelson and EVERYONE I’VE MISSED. ❤️