Regardless of how much I practice patience and tolerance, there are always days that push me over the edge! So to prove that I am no where close to being a Buddha or a perfectly compassionate soul…get ready for a solid ride on this rant-rollercoaster!

February, you sort of suck! You make my dogs feet super muddy and your visual temperature cues are completely out of whack! Snow usually means cold…but NO!..When you are around I bundle up only to find myself squirming in the car like a over-heated jellyfish trying to get my jacket off on the ONLY day I do not have a red light to do so calmly!

To the guy sitting beside me for a half an hour while smacking your lips and burping so uncontrollably that your lips even puff at the end, in a setting where getting up to move away from you was impossible….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! DO YOU NOT HEAR YOURSELF!!?? Congratulations, you tested my patience to a whole other level! Natalie, you can so do this! Stay! Sit and breathe!…but I don’t want to breathe in his burp-air! And he is NOT seeing my eye rolls! UGH! I can’t take this! Ok relax…it’s not THAT bad. UGH! I can’t take this…it IS SO BAD! I’m OUT!

Healthy boundaries were in FULL EFFECT today… in the form of me sleeping for 80% of the day! To do lists could kiss my butt! I woke up only to make sure that Walter and the cats were fed and healthy. But don’t worry…they were having a wonderfully fun day despite my laziness. And FYI, the roll of toilet paper that has been chewed and scattered all over my house like confetti on New Years Eve still remains where it was found!

Rant over. I’m going to watch TED Talks and eat oatmeal.