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December 2016

My Version of a Christmas Classic


T’was the night before Christmas, and everything’s good,

It’s been two whole years since my stay at Homewood.

The stockings are hung, I found them this year,

No wine in my mug, my head is so clear.

The children are happy, all childlike and kind,

While memories, some sad ones, are stuck in rewind.

No tears in my kerchief, and no more night-caps,

I’ve escaped the relentless delusional traps.

Addiction once owned every piece of my mind,

But now I am living so free and not blind.

Away to the window, I see a new dawn,

The world isn’t dark now, I’m so less withdrawn.

The moon in the sky can still make me feel antsy,

I’ve gained a few pounds but they make me look fancy.

Little ol’ me loves to live in the now,

My chakras aligned, ‘no regrets’ is my vow.

My kids see me laugh now and say that I glow.

No hugs filled with wine breath, that’s so long ago.

Now Walter, Now Pepsi, Now Oliver play

With Carol and Adam on each silly day.

We snuggle and tickle and joke all year long,

And a drive isn’t finished ’til Adam’s new song.

I’m off to wrap presents I somehow afford,

Remembering always this day’s for the Lord.

With gratitude flowing I no longer fight.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Volunteer WSIB Reform Committee 

Hi Everyone. I want to let you know that in the new year, with the help of some amazing first responder and corrections peers, I will be forming a volunteer Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Reform Committee. Our goal is to develop a model that will be presented to WSIB Executives as well as Provincial and Federal Government Leaders, that will outline findings and recommendations which include (but are not limited to) the following:
1. Gross WSIB case-worker inconsistencies

2. Recommendations for the implementation of paid first responder and corrections consultants to assist with cultural understanding of our workplace

3. The implementation of a standardized algorithm used by all WSIB, short term disability, and long term disability case workers, employers and employees with respect to all first responder and corrections PTSD (operational stress injury) claims

4. Recommendations for first responder and corrections cultural education for WSIB case-workers
The goal of this committee is not only to assist with the stream-lining of the PTSD (operational stress injury) claims process for first responders and corrections workers post Bill 163, but to also assist WSIB case-workers who are not educated with respect to our workplace culture and individual needs. 
This won’t be an over night process, and maybe there are other committees like this (but if you know me you know I don’t like waiting around to get stuff done!), but I have found that there is MUCH to be said for the combined efforts of experienced and passionate first responders and correction workers when it comes to making great positive changes to our overall mental health and wellbeing. 
Stay tuned. I will be posting more information in the new year with how you can get involved. ~Nat
To submit an impact statement; email

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