T’was the night before Christmas, and everything’s good,

It’s been two whole years since my stay at Homewood.

The stockings are hung, I found them this year,

No wine in my mug, my head is so clear.

The children are happy, all childlike and kind,

While memories, some sad ones, are stuck in rewind.

No tears in my kerchief, and no more night-caps,

I’ve escaped the relentless delusional traps.

Addiction once owned every piece of my mind,

But now I am living so free and not blind.

Away to the window, I see a new dawn,

The world isn’t dark now, I’m so less withdrawn.

The moon in the sky can still make me feel antsy,

I’ve gained a few pounds but they make me look fancy.

Little ol’ me loves to live in the now,

My chakras aligned, ‘no regrets’ is my vow.

My kids see me laugh now and say that I glow.

No hugs filled with wine breath, that’s so long ago.

Now Walter, Now Pepsi, Now Oliver play

With Carol and Adam on each silly day.

We snuggle and tickle and joke all year long,

And a drive isn’t finished ’til Adam’s new song.

I’m off to wrap presents I somehow afford,

Remembering always this day’s for the Lord.

With gratitude flowing I no longer fight.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.