Let’s play bad thing – good thing!

Bad thing: Walter isn’t feeling well
Good thing: I live 5 mins from a 24 hour animal clinic
Bad thing: I watched a poor family leave just after they had their pet put down 😦
Good thing: The next people into the clinic had kittens to hold
Bad thing: The the super cute Irish vet is engaged
Good thing: Walter didn’t have to stay over night
Bad thing: Walter vomited in the car on the way home
Good thing: I caught it in my hand
Bad thing: As I flung the vomit out the window – not all of it made it
Good thing: It was raining and the plants were wet enough for me to wipe most of the remaining vomit off
Bad thing: Emergency vet trips are expensive
Good thing: I have insurance

Extra good thing: Walter is asleep on my bed ❤