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I had no idea that my quest to spread mental health awareness would travel to the ends of the earth—literally! My book, Save-My-Life School: A First Responder’s Mental Health Journey, just released this past January, is an outgrowth of my blog, which chronicled my battle with PTSD, depression, addiction, overdoses and a suicide attempt.

Organically, people have been posting pictures of the book all over the world to the Facebook page savemylifeschool. There are over a hundred different shots of the book from Mexico to Kuwait to Vimy Ridge; with celebrities, politicians, children, dogs, cats and in front of workplaces. It is a plethora of interesting travels with my mental health ‘journey.’


Save-My-Life School at Vimy Ridge, France

Heather Down, publisher remarks, “It’s kind of funny because we were brainstorming ways to get traction and our PR manager, Kim Forster happened to post a beautiful picture of the book with her new puppy and it just started a trend. We had no idea this would happen.”


Here are some more amazing photos!


Michael Landsberg, Mental Health Ambassador #SickNotWeak


Member of Parliament from Caribou Prince George, Todd Doherty


Terracina, Italy


Head of Trauma Programs, Stacey Ferland, Homewood Health, Guelph, Ontario

Co-founder of #ivegotyourback911, Jill Foster



President and Vice President of the Ontario Provincial Police Association, Rob Jamieson and Chris Hoffman


Oops…that’s just a pic of David Beckham…my bad 😉

How can it get any cuter than this?!

Lots of sunny beaches in Cuba, Mexico, Exuma …

911 Communications Officer Ryan Dedmon, California USA

Dr. Jonathan Douglas, Barrie, Ontario

Ontario Paramedic Association President, Ashleigh Hewer

Deputy Chief of Brant County Paramedic Services, Randy Papple

Chicago Fire Fighter, Tim Grutzuis

Member of Parliament, Barrie-Innisfil, John Brassard

Barrie City Councillor, Arif Khan

Founder of Sirens of Silence, Australia

Enjoy this video montage of more great pics!

For more amazing pics, visit Save-My-Life Schools Facebook Page