Good thing- I live in Canada and we have universal healthcare.
Bad thing- my daughter got sick and needed to go to the hospital. 

Good thing- She had my car so she made it there in good time as she most likely required surgery.

Bad thing- When I tried to start her car the battery was dead.

Good thing- When I went back inside, Lollers only vomited near my shoes in the hall, not on them.

Bad thing- The cab driver had so much cologne on I wanted to vomit myself. 

Good thing- Walter took a crap on the front hall mat and I stepped in it just as I was about to meet the cab – oh wait, that is clearly a bad thing.

Bad thing- The care we were given at the hospital was rude and far from compassionate.

Good thing- This prompted me to take action. 

Bad thing- My daughter had to have surgery.

Good thing- She is ok and recovering.

Bad thing- I needed to take my concerns to the CEO and the Head of Nursing of the hospital – oh wait, that isn’t so bad.

Good thing- The meeting was very productive and I am hoping to volunteer on the Patient and Family Advocate Committee soon.