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August 24, 2017

Welcome To Sheepdog Lodge


Welcome to Sheepdog Lodge! My kids and I had the honour of being guests of the lodge last night and I want to take a moment to thank our amazing hosts, and to share what the lodge is all about.

On their website, the founders share that, “Sheepdog Lodge is a rustic log cabin retreat for Veterans and First Responders to reconnect and recuperate with their families and/or themselves. Veterans and First Responders that attended Sheepdog Lodge as guests are hosted by our Veteran or First Responder volunteers during their stay. Our main focus is helping Combat Veterans and First Responders (Police Officers, EMS, Firefighters), serving or retired. With that being said we will do our best to make sure no veteran goes unassisted. We envision a time when there is a nationwide community and network of Veterans and First Responders that mentors and supports other Veterans and First Responders.”

Mission Statement:
We exist for the purpose of providing a community and network of Veterans and First Responders through leadership, mentoring, and support.


We had a relaxing time playing with the dogs and enjoying the rustic beauty of Alberta. We also enjoyed breakfast cooked by our hosts on a 1930’s wood stove, and the best percolated coffee you could ever ask for. We can never thank you enough! My kids are already planning our next visit.

Thank you Allan and Dan for your kindness and hospitality, and for hanging the wood sign my dad made for you, as well as the #IveGotYourBack911 shirt I donated on your wall-of-fame.

The lodge is run voluntarily and funded by donations. If you think that this lodge would suit you and your family’s needs, and/or you would like to donate to this amazing organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team!


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