Good thing- went for a mini vacation to Vancouver

Bad thing- got a flat tire on the way to the airport

Good thing- made it to the airport with said flat tire (I didn’t notice it at first – don’t judge me) without getting into an accident

Bad thing- My rental car got a window chip

Good thing- I have insurance

Bad thing- I also have a $500 deductible

Good thing- we made it onto both flights as a standby (Caroline works for WestJet – super cheap tickets but you have to go standby)

Bad thing- the girl next to me kept dozing off towards my shoulder and it made me wonder what the airplane etiquette is in this situation – do I wake her up? Or just let her sleep on my shoulder? (Any feedback would be appreciated)

Good thing- I have CAA

Bad thing- I felt like a ding-dong not knowing how to change a tire myself

Good thing- my kids said I am the best mom in the world for taking them on a trip and that they are going to buy me a gold necklace and a Ferrari (ok – I’m paraphrasing)