Good thing: I have a car.
Bad thing: It got a flat tire again (2nd in a month).
Good thing: I have CAA.
Bad thing: “Due to high call volumes they are not accepting any calls other than road side assistance”.
Good thing AND Bad thing: I was in my driveway.
Good thing: Jon came by and kindly offered to put the spare on for me.
Bad thing: We both got snotcicles
Good thing: I have someone clear my driveway snow.
Bad thing: They suck and I got stuck while trying to drive to the tire shop.
Good thing: I got un-stuck and then left a ‘lovely’ voicemail on said snow removal companies’ voicemail telling them that I need them to come by.
Bad thing: By the time I got home from the tire shop the snow removal company had not been by (probably because ‘lovely’ voicemail actually means nasty voicemail) and then when Caroline wanted to take Adam to the mall my only words of wisdom to get out of the driveway were “GUN IT”.
Good thing: She gunned it 😀