As I watch the snow fall gently outside of my window, I am taken by its beauty. Twinkling in the reflection of my porch light, each flake appears to be like a delicate jewel falling from the sky. In this moment I am also aware of my ability to do just this – to just watch and ponder, and more so, to enjoy.

Enjoying life a few years ago was seemingly impossible to me. I lived in a swampland of depression and PTSD. Nightmares and daydream-flashbacks were so often that I began to lose track of day and night; time no longer existed – it was just darkness. Always darkness. I forgot how to watch the snow. I forgot to feel the coolness as it landed on my face and hands. I forgot how to see the beauty of its reflection in my porch light; I was so sick and injured that snow only equalled a storm brewing to me. But now, it reminds me of how far I have come in my recovery. It reminds me that there is always hope.