I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet the founder of True Heroes Coffee, Calorado, while visiting Grande Prairie, Alberta with my friend Wayne Jasper.

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Delicious coffee and hot chocolate
as we will be hosting a number of blends and similar coffee or tea related products
Our biggest goal is building a stronger community and giving back to the
True Heroes that keep the world turning and creating an amazing environment for the people around us.
We want to help our first responders with PTSD and their families who struggle with loss.
Give to charities and fundraisers or provide food for struggling families. Help build playgrounds for schools and attend events for fundraising. We want to build a community around our brand but better yet a community built around
giving back and taking care of the people that take care of us!!

True Heroes Coffee has been created in an effort to support ALL
Emergency Service personnel with a special focus on those suffering with PTSD.
As emergency responders, we feel
compelled to reach out to make a difference.
We donate a minimum of 10% of our profits into foundations and
charities in support of Firefighters, EMS, 911 dispatch, flight pilots and medics, Nurses and other hospital personnel, Police Officers, RCMP, Military, Corrections Officers. On top of all that our mission and our goals will only expand as we do so stay updated with True Heroes as our story grows. Some of the Foundations we support are the Tema memorial trust, wounded warriors Canada & similar charities a like and local community programs.

Check out their website and order here.