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May 19, 2019

Please Tell Your Story!

Why it’s important to share your story! I couldn’t be more grateful.

Here are some of the letters Zoey and I received after presenting to a grade 10 and 11 class in Orillia.

”I’ve always been very closed off about my emotions. After you spoke to us I talked to my parents about how I’ve been feeling and it felt really good.“

”You coming in allowed me to also share my experience that I had never told anyone. There is no last piece that I wanted to say. I was suicidal. They were two summers ago. I thank you for opening me and sharing. As I wouldn’t of shared if you did not come in.”

“As students we don’t often get an outlet to talk about these types of thing opening and without judgement, but your presentation really felt like a safe space.“

”I’m able to better empathize with people dealing with mental health issues, especially after talking about the compilation book and hearing Zoey Raffay speak.”

“You made me feel safe enough to talk about my uncle, a topic I never bring up. Thank you for that.”

” I appreciated the talk around the room. It helped me to know I’m not alone!”

”Tell Zoey Raffay that I was glad to hear her story too.”

”(Your story) give an understanding of how mental health can affect you. Plus how it can affect people around you. Talking about it really helped some of my close friends.”

“I connected to some things that are a part of your story to the point where it hurts but because of you I have learned to never give up on yourself.“

”The talk touched a lot of our classes soft spots. and it meant a lot to me when you thanked me for supporting my friends.” — with Zoey Raffay.

Depression vs Sadness

Depression vs Sadness (I have to say I learned some of these distinctions from Michael Landsberg) – thank you.

Sadness-You CAN cheer up.

Depression-You CAN’T cheer up.

Sadness-You have a fear of death.

Depression-You have a fear of life.

Sadness-Overwhelming level of emotions.

Depression-Lack of emotion (numbness).

Sadness-Can pass in a short time.

Depression-Can last for many many days.

Sadness-Doesn’t require medication.

Depression-Often requires medication.

Sadness-Often the result of an upsetting occurrence.

Depression-Can begin without any warning.

Sadness-Does not contain distorted thinking.

Depression-Is often fuelled by distorted thinking.

Sadness-You can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Depression-You ARE the tunnel.

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