Depression vs Sadness (I have to say I learned some of these distinctions from Michael Landsberg) – thank you.

Sadness-You CAN cheer up.

Depression-You CAN’T cheer up.

Sadness-You have a fear of death.

Depression-You have a fear of life.

Sadness-Overwhelming level of emotions.

Depression-Lack of emotion (numbness).

Sadness-Can pass in a short time.

Depression-Can last for many many days.

Sadness-Doesn’t require medication.

Depression-Often requires medication.

Sadness-Often the result of an upsetting occurrence.

Depression-Can begin without any warning.

Sadness-Does not contain distorted thinking.

Depression-Is often fuelled by distorted thinking.

Sadness-You can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Depression-You ARE the tunnel.