Panel on police suicides says officers need better mental health support

How did yet ANOTHER PANEL need to be developed to determine that police mental health resources need to be improved in order to prevent suicides?

Here are just a FEW of the reports/research findings already published:—public-policy-submissions/police-mental-health-discussion-paper-oct2018-pdf.pdf?la=en&hash=B47D58B5ACBE4678A90907E3A600BB447EE134BF

Click to access Henderson_100.pdf

… the list of these reports seems endless!

FURTHERMORE, Bill C-211, introduced by MP Todd Doherty, has already conducted The National Conference on PTSD: Working Together to Inform Canada’s Federal Framework on PTSD. It took place in Ottawa on April 9 and 10, 2019. Leading the conference were the Ministers of:

-Veterans Affairs
-National Defence
-Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
-Experts from across the country, including people with lived experience.

The federal framework will be completed in December 2019. USE THIS!

Please stop wasting money with yet another panel, and use that money to hire trauma trained specialists for our first responders.

Follow in Barrie Fire and Emergency Service’s footsteps:

“Cory Mainprize @MainprizeCory Sep 9

@Barrie_Fire is pleased to announce our new partnership with WPM Psychological Services, Wounded Warriors Canada, and lead clinical Psychologist Lara Sigurdson to deliver the Before Occupational Stress (BOS) program to our Peer Support Team and ⁦@BarriePFFA members”

Trauma trained experts are a MUST for our first responder’s care. Normal EAP is not enough, and in my opinion is negligent.