It’s World Mental Health Day. So, as I was scrolling through FB I was sad to see this copy and paste post. It’s not “hilarious” to joke about the people you would know in “a mental hospital”. Listen, I know this wasn’t shared with the intention of causing someone who came across it pain…but it did. It hurt me, because, well, I was a person in ”a mental hospital”, many times in fact. 

If you would like to know what it was like to be a patient in the mental health department, just ask me. I am an open book and believe that only by sharing our experiences will the stigma and myths of mental illness decrease; and maybe one day, vanish.

I’m not mad about this post. Sad…but not mad. It has given me an opportunity to educate – so thank you.


Hilarious 😂😂. You have to do it without cheating…It is so weird how it comes up with the names…this is so funny!!
I’m in a mental hospital.
My roommate: 
Licks the glass: 
Helps you escape: 
My Psychiatrist: 
Asleep in a corner: 
Shouts at everyone: 
Padded room occupant: 
Eats the plants: 
Talks to themselves: 
Kicks the nurse: 
Believes they are unicorns: 
Sneaks in the alcohol: 
Make a copy-paste and delete the names…
Then type @ then the 1st letter of each sentence (no spaces) to see the name of one of your friends! (if one is already used, take the next one!!) dont cheat either!!!