I did not know this, but yesterday was #globalpeersupportday (thank you Parul Shah for informing me of this) and I would be amiss if I didn’t give a note of public appreciation to ALL of the amazing Wings of Change (WOC) Peer Support facilitators (close to 50 of them!) across Canada at our 23 chapters. And a huge thank you to Syd Gravel, retired staff sergeant of the Ottawa Police Department and member of the Order of Merit For Police, for being WOC’s peer support guru!

But most importantly, thank you to WOC’s program administrator, Katherine Pomerleau; she needs to be recognized for making WOC what it is today. I cannot take any credit for this. Katherine has had a vision for WOC since day one and has implemented it. She created guidelines for WOC, (based on the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Peer Support Guidelines), expanded the website, (www.wingsofchange.ca), got WOC researched by a university and recognized as a “thriving peer support model”, and has truly made a welcoming environment for all of the facilitators. This is just the beginning. So much of Katherine’s time and dedication has gone into WOC; ALL volunteer time!

Katherine, WOC would not be what it is today without you! We love you, and thank you. And I’m sure all of the attendees at the meetings would thank you as well. You have impacted the lives of so many in a positive way.