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October 19, 2019

Dear Federal Leaders, Bill C-211 Already Exists. It’s Time For Action.

Are these leaders not aware of Bill C-211? All parties voted unanimously in favour of it. This isn’t a new crisis. With the election a few days away the leaders choose to respond to this article, but not mention legislation that was fought for by MP Todd Doherty and MP John Brassard. Sigh.

Enough promises. Act on legislation that has already reached royal assent. Stop going in circles.

From Bill C-211: “And whereas many Canadians, in particular persons who have served as first responders, firefighters, military personnel, corrections officers and members of the RCMP, suffer from PTSD and would greatly benefit from the development and implementation of a federal framework on PTSD that provides for best practices, research, education, awareness and treatment;”

Sanctuary Trauma: What is YOUR experience?

Are you a first responder who works in Ontario (paramedic, police, fire, dispatch) and you have experienced sanctuary trauma while off of work? (Feeling of abandonment by employer. Lack of support and direction.) And would like to share your story (or even a quote) with Barrie Today (anonymously if necessary) please message me.

It will be a follow up to this article:

ALSO: Are you a manager/first responder service provider (anywhere in Ontario) who does try to address sanctuary trauma? I would love to hear from you! I know you’re out there. SOME are doing good things. Let’s chat.

AND: Are you a first responder (anywhere in Ontario) who feels their managers/service IS addressing sanctuary trauma? Have you had a good experience with support and guidance when you were off work?

Please email me at or message me.

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