Good thing: Barrie City Council can meet via Zoom during the pandemic.

Bad thing: (Normally this is a good thing) ALL of my animals follow me wherever I go in the house.

Good thing: Most of the time my microphone is muted during the on-line meeting so you can’t hear barking and scratching on the office door.

Bad thing: Sometimes I just have to open the door and let them in because they are relentless.

Good thing: They make for interesting TV.

Bad thing: Pepsi insists on walking on the desk and knocked the lamp over while on live television.

Good thing: Adam was home and heard the ruckus so he came to the rescue… with a bottle of Advil 👍 He knows me well.

Bad thing: He saw what I was wearing.

Good thing: I was comfy.

Bad thing: He snapped a pic.

Good thing: We need a little happiness so I’m sharing the pic with you. I now call professional zoom-attire the “mullet of Zoom”. Business on the top. Party on the bottom.

I know I’m not the only one 😙😜I dare YOU to share a pic of your Zoom-Mullet.