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Martin Luther King Jr.’s ENTIRE Voice Matters

The murder of George Floyd makes me furious on so many levels. First I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. ❤️ I felt sick, and filled with rage when I watched the video of his murder; I can’t imagine how his family must have felt, and still feel. A nightmare beyond words.

And then I see the rioting and looting in cities across the US and I feel…so many emotions. I am seeing people post how Martin Luther King Jr. stated that, “a riot is the language of the unheard”. But that’s where they stop. They don’t continue to share what he said in the minute after that: “Let me say that I’ve always said, and continue to say, that riots are socially destructive and self-defeating”.

While I could never truly experience the feeling of inequality and oppression that the black community feels (it is ignorant and wrong for me to ever think I could), I can comprehend the rage good human beings feel while watching the murder of George Floyd. We can understanding the cause of rioting, just like Martin Luther King Jr. did, but we must also understand that doing so is further harming the community in which all races live.

Be mad! Be very mad! Make noise! Cry! Scream! But looting from your community, your neighbors, … damaging the infrastructure and endangering other lives, … is something I definitely don’t condone or promote.

We shouldn’t pick and choose which quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. to use in our social media posts so that it appears he justifies rioting; that is so wrong. His ENTIRE voice is what matters, and his legacy also embraces that, “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.

Happy Paramedic Services Week

Happy Paramedic Services Week! Thank you for everything you do to keep our community safe and healthy. During this pandemic, you have continued to demonstrate strength and and integrity in the face of extreme adversity. You are amazing.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day from my family to yours! 💐

Wearing Red For Nova Scotia

In memory of the lives lost in Nova Scotia 🇨🇦

Ontario Loves Nova Scotia

Ontarians sent messages of love and support to me to compile into a video so that we could share our deepest condolences with the people of Nova Scotia.

We are here for you Nova Scotia. ❤️

Quarantine Cupcakes On A Midnight Open Highway

You never know where your night can lead during quarantine 😂 After posting about my impromptu baking at 11pm, I had a couple of requests that I share the sugary results. So I made a few treat boxes, hung one on the door for pick-up, and Adam and I took the other one and jumped in the car for a quick delivery to Caroline and Dan’s porch.

The highway was bare. I have never seen it like that before. I get that it was midnight by then, but for the majority of our drive it was more bare than I had ever seen it; we kind of had it to ourselves. The moon was huge and bright, and suddenly Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock’n’Roll” came on the radio. Adam looked at me…we knew what we had to do! He got out my sunglasses, popped up his jacket collar and I cranked the volume. Midnight on a Friday with my 14 year old son on a cupcake delivery trip, on a bare highway playing air guitar and singing at the top of our lungs! That’s pretty damn awesome.

And if we weren’t in quarantine, it would never have happened. Why? Well, I normally don’t have the time to bake – but now I do. I normally wouldn’t have let Adam stay awake so late – but now I could. The highway would not have been so goosebumpingly empty – but tonight it sure was.

We had no plans. Just time, an empty road and a playlist of AC/DC, ABBA, Queen and … Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys (don’t ask 🤦🏻‍♀️😂).

Some of the songs referenced a dance floor and I imagined back when we could go on one whenever we wanted, and I wondered for a brief moment when that will happen again? But I didn’t dwell on that, I changed my mind to gratitude as I watched Adam tiptoe with a container of cupcakes to a porch (that originally wasn’t the right one … it was dark and I was parked on the road – so that was funny) so that the dog wouldn’t bark and wake up Beckham, and smiled.

Of course it would be much better if we weren’t in this position in the world. But we are, and we must do our best to keep our children smiling. And tonight was a pretty fun night.

Don’t Let Gloves Give You A False Sense Of Protection – Wear And Use Them Properly

A video to hopefully help those who may feel a false sense of protection when wearing gloves. Just my experience- this is not an official City video in any way.

The Zoom-Mullet

Good thing: Barrie City Council can meet via Zoom during the pandemic.

Bad thing: (Normally this is a good thing) ALL of my animals follow me wherever I go in the house.

Good thing: Most of the time my microphone is muted during the on-line meeting so you can’t hear barking and scratching on the office door.

Bad thing: Sometimes I just have to open the door and let them in because they are relentless.

Good thing: They make for interesting TV.

Bad thing: Pepsi insists on walking on the desk and knocked the lamp over while on live television.

Good thing: Adam was home and heard the ruckus so he came to the rescue… with a bottle of Advil 👍 He knows me well.

Bad thing: He saw what I was wearing.

Good thing: I was comfy.

Bad thing: He snapped a pic.

Good thing: We need a little happiness so I’m sharing the pic with you. I now call professional zoom-attire the “mullet of Zoom”. Business on the top. Party on the bottom.

I know I’m not the only one 😙😜I dare YOU to share a pic of your Zoom-Mullet.

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